1. General
1. These general terms and conditions apply to all LUTRA B.V. concluded agreements and apply to all by LUTRA B.V. made offers, deliveries and services.
2. Transfer of ownership and risk
1. Subject to paragraph 2 and further, the ownership of, and the risk of damage to or destruction of goods, in whole or in part, passes to the buyer upon delivery.
2. As long as the buyer has not paid the full amount of the purchase price with any additional costs or provided security for this,
preservation LUTRA B.V. the ownership of the goods.
In that case the ownership transfers to the buyer as soon as he fulfills all his obligations towards LUTRA B.V. has met.
3. If the sold goods have been delivered but not yet paid, the buyer may not hand it over to third parties or make them available on the basis of which title or
name. This includes, among other things, the (partial) transfer of goods in ownership, (under) premises or non-possessory premises
4. In the event of loss, theft, seizure and the like of the sold goods, the buyer is obliged, as long as no integral payment has been made, within 24 hours after the
discovery thereof to LUTRA B.V. to report.
5. Due to the simple fact of non-fulfillment or violation of the provisions of this article, the buyer will immediately forfeit a due and payable fine up to the amount equal to
is at the purchase price.
6. Paragraph 3 shall not apply if the other party carries on a business, where the selling of the delivered object is.
3. Delivery
1. The delivery of the goods by the company takes place at the address of the buyer. If according to Google Street View the order easily
can be delivered, because buyer has enough space for delivery, LUTRA B.V. the moment of delivery.
Buyer does not need to be present for this on the day of delivery and delivery follows without signature of delivery. Only in the case of copper
does not have sufficient space for delivery, LUTRA B.V. contacting the buyer to arrange a delivery day and part of the day.
2. Delivery takes place at the address of the buyer, unless the parties have agreed in writing a different place of delivery.
3. The delivery of the goods normally takes place within 10 working days after the payment of the order, unless the parties have agreed otherwise.
4. If delivery on the agreed day is not possible, then LUTRA B.V. after a written notice, change the day and the day part of delivery unilaterally,
without the buyer being entitled to compensation for any direct or indirect damage.
5. The delivery is completed at the moment the goods are at the free disposal of the buyer.
6. If a timely delivery is impossible due to force majeure or other unforeseen circumstances, the delivery time will be extended to that moment
on which LUTRA B.V. is reasonably in a position to deliver. Force majeure will in any case have to do with natural violence, winter conditions and strike.
7. If there is reasonable doubt about the payment capacity of the buyer, LUTRA B.V. entitled to refuse an order or request
or to attach special conditions to the delivery, such as security for payment of the purchase price.
4. Reception and advertising
1. The buyer declares to have received the purchased item in good condition with all accessories and to have checked this on delivery.
2. If the buyer has processed, processed or otherwise used the delivered goods, the right to complain has been processed, also within the period referred to in paragraph 2.
In that case too, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the goods unconditionally.
5. Return conditions
1. The return right does not apply to products that have been made specifically for a customer (made-to-measure).
2. The customer has an unconditional right of return within seven working days after receipt of the goods.
3. Buyer must take care of the return shipment to LUTRA B.V .. The costs of this will be borne by the buyer.
Any damage that occurs during the return shipment to LUTRA B.V. are for accountability and account of the buyer. If LUTRA B.V. the return shipment
should take care of, LUTRA B.V. prior to the return shipment, the buyer must provide a quotation.
4. Conditions for return shipment
         A. the goods must be complete and in the original state
         B. the goods must be unused
         C. the goods must be clean, as the customer has received them
         D. the goods must be addressed to:
         LUTRA B.V.
         Sint Lambertusweg 9
         NL-5291 NA Gemonde
         The Netherlands
5. After receipt of the goods, the purchase price (minus any costs for return and damage),
returned to the buyer within 30 days.
6. Partial packages are specially composed for you and can not be returned.
7. Orders specifically for the buyer can not be returned.
6. Offers
1. All offers are without obligation unless explicitly stated in the validity period. LUTRA B.V. is only bound by an offer
if it has received written notice of acceptance within the offer term, with which the agreement is concluded.
7. Prices and payment
1. Placed orders are only delivered after payment in advance.
2. Payments must be paid within fourteen days of the invoice date.
3. If payment has been made within this period, delivery will take place as soon as possible.
4. If payment is not received within the payment term of fourteen days after the invoice date, LUTRA B.V. send a reminder with the same payment term.
5. If the cost price of LUTRA B.V. sold products may be subject to an increase due to, inter alia, changing import prices,
price changes, a change in charges, changes in fees and / or other rights or obligations, is LUTRA B.V. entitled to adjust the prices, even if the order has already been confirmed. LUTRA B.V. will notify the buyer of this in writing. Buyer has the right to terminate the purchase.
6. If the buyer does not pay within the agreed term, it is deemed to be in default by operation of law. From the date on which the buyer is in default, an interest will automatically be payable on the purchase price of 1.5% per month, or part of a month.
7. If LUTRA B.V. In order to make extrajudicial collection the buyer is liable for collection costs due in accordance with the collection rates of the Netherlands Bar Association.
8. Payments can not be suspended, even if the buyer believes that he has any right of complaint.
8. Dissolution
1. In case of non-payment or late payment, or if buyer does not meet any other with LUTRA B.V. concluded agreement, LUTRA B.V. the right to suspend or terminate the execution of the relevant agreements and all further agreements between the parties, even if these have not been carried out or only partially, by means of an extrajudicial declaration, or at least terminated without judicial intervention, without prejudice to the right of LUTRA BV to claim compensation for the damage, lost profits and interest.
2. The provisions of paragraph 1 also apply in case of bankruptcy of the buyer, his suspension of payment, provision of a settlement to creditors, seizure of the business assets or part thereof, liquidation or takeover of the business of the buyer, change of legal form and when circumstances as referred to in this paragraph referred to at the conclusion of the purchase agreement, without LUTRA BV has been informed by the buyer.
3. If LUTRA B.V. resolution to dissolve, the buyer can no longer derive any rights from the agreement. Any payment terms have expired and payment of the goods already delivered is immediately due and payable in full.
9. Liability
1. All direct or indirect damage resulting from the LUTRA B.V. the agreement concluded with the buyer and / or third parties is explicitly excluded.
2. In particular accepted LUTRA B.V. no liability with regard to the images, catalogs and drawings provided by it. The same applies to LUTRA B.V. provided technical data, sizes and weights.
10. Changes to these general terms and conditions
1. LUTRA B.V. is entitled to change these terms and conditions without prior notice to anyone. If these terms and conditions are changed, the new conditions will apply to the agreement, offer, delivery or service that were in effect on the day that the agreement, offer, service or delivery in writing by LUTRA B.V. has been confirmed unless otherwise agreed.
11. Disputes
1. All, by LUTRA B.V. such disputes arising from agreements concluded by it in respect of goods sold and / or delivered can be submitted to the judgment of the subdistrict court or the district court in 's-Hertogenbosch. Dutch law applies to exclusion.